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The new strategy playbook

Your Dad’s strategy textbook is not going to cut it in a world of short-lived competitive advantages, breathtakingly fast speed of competition, digital transformation and new leadership essentials. Thought Sparks is one vehicle that I use to stay on top of emerging trends, offer a perspective on things I think people are getting wrong and help my readers develop proficiency at new strategy concepts. It’s a way to stay on top of new trends. Specifically, the new playbook recognizes that:

  • It’s change, not stability that is the normal thing

  • Healthy disengagement frees up resources

  • You need to put your best resources against your best opportunities

  • Innovation has to become a proficiency

  • Leadership isn’t what we used to think - we need “learn it all” leaders, not “know it all” leaders

  • People’s careers now take the form of tours of duty - are you ready for that next move?

Seeing Around Corners

It’s the weak signals that give you an early warning of inflection points that may be coming your way. Some Thought Sparks focus on different leading indicators to give you rich insights about the world as it is unfolding, in real time. Others offer tools and ideas that you can use right away.

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